100% Safe — No Heat, No Smoke, No Odor

Hours of Operation
Monday — Sunday, 9:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Discover the Wow Factor of Indoor Sparklers

In today's competitive market, your establishment needs something to set itself apart from the crowd. And what better way to captivate the public than a one-of-a-kind fireworks display within your walls! The indoor sparklers of the Dreamstar Cabinet have been shown to increase business by up to 35%. Call today to learn more about rentals, leases, and permanent installations of this unmissable commercial light display.

Enhance Your Establishment

Impress your patrons with a captivating sparkler display as they wait in line or place the light show inside to enhance the luxury and ambiance of your indoor facilities. However you decide to use the Dreamstar Cabinet, you'll be sure to appreciate the touch of elegance and excitement it adds to any space.

Complete Customization

The Dreamstar Cabinet can be completely customized to fit anywhere. Your imagination is the only limit! You have the power to control the colors, add fog and laser effects, and so much more. We can even etch your logo into the glass and highlight it with the LED lights. It's a complete entertainment package in a box.

How It Works

This patent-pending product was designed for the entertainment industry. It is a seven-foot-tall, 20" x 20" glass case with interior lighting and a heating element. When the Dreamstar Cabinet is plugged in, an electrochemical reaction then takes place to create beautiful fountain of sparks inside the glass.

We have our own team of experts and a service network. So, if any issues arise, we're able to find a solution easily and efficiently. It also helps that this smart machine self-diagnoses, meaning we know precisely how each machine in the field is operating at all times!.

No Odor. No Smoke. No Worries.

Safety always comes first, which is why we've made sure that the Dreamstar Cabinet is 100% safe to use by any industry. We monitor every function of the machine, and we also have an app from which you can control its operation.

The Dreamstar Cabinet produces no smoke and no odor. It also doesn't produce any excess heat.  There are built-in sensors for temperature-sensitive shut-off switch, Humidity, hopper level, and much, much more! Reach out to us today to arrange a demonstration!